Thursday, August 25, 2005

Here Come De Spiders

Hey, the logs showed me that a spider turned up and had a "look" around.

Does that mean that the visitors will come streaming in? After all, there is no better place to buy the best widgets online.

So, more waiting, waiting etc.

And, guess what! No sales. How could that be? Now the site is spidered and is listed by some of the search engines there should be lots of visitors so why isn't there?

Well, lets see if we can find out how many people are actually searching for widgets online. If I know how many are looking and none are visiting I might be able to find out where they are going.

That information just might help me find out how to get some visitors to my site. Research, that's the thing. Just a thought, maybe some research before I started might have made this trip a bit easier.

Rule number one - Do your research first.

Off to do some research. Lets go check out some keywords - this link will open a new page at what used to be If you click on the "Keyword Selector Tool" link you can find out how many searches were conducted on your keywords on the whole internet in the previous month.

I searched on widget and there were only 4,055 searches in that month. Perhaps that isn't enough. Even 10% of the searchers clicking on my link would only result in 400 visitors a month. To make matters worse, on Google, there are over 6 million pages on widgets competing for those 4,000 searchers.

Hmmmm... New word for me Research might come in handy sometime soon. So, perhaps I should go about this Internet Marketing a whole different way.

Lets start with the next entry and see what happens.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

What happened to the sales?

Nothing, that's what happened to the sales.

So, analyse the logs I was told, find out where the visitors who visited your sales pages came from.

More stuff to learn, hey, I didn't even have a logging script on my pages. How can you analyse your logs when there aren't any logs to analyse?

OK, so I put up a logging script and tried again. After only a couple of days I noticed a serious problem with the visitors - there wasn't any. So that's why there are no sales, there is no-one coming to the sales pages to be "expertly persuaded" by my brilliant writing.

How do I get people to visit my website? Submit the pages to the search engines. Of course, I knew that. So how do I submit to the search engines? Fortunately the search engines have a page for submitting your site details. What keywords do I want? What are keywords? I know, they are the words and phrases that people will use to search for sites like mine. So, since I am selling widgets, widgets has to be one of my keywords. What else? Well any of the words which describe my widgets are good ones so lets put in lots.

That was easy, now wait for the floods of traffic.


Still waiting...

Now what? Back to the search engines and this time read the information. Well, the search engine spiders (little programs which visit your site to gather information) can take weeks or months to check it out before you get listed.

So it's back to sleep until the site gets "spidered".

And that is the next post.

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