Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Still going, Still minimal results.

Well, nearly a new year. Seasons greetings to you, my reader.

My apologies for not updating this during the year. I have actually been pretty busy through most of the year and still working on the goal of making sufficient income from internet marketing to to be able to quit the day job.

The actual financial goal isn't actually very high, I just want to replace the combined incomes of my partner and I so neither of us need to go to work. I won't actually put the amount here but you can understand that it isn't actually a huge amount. none of this 'make $100,000 in the next 30 days' stuff.

OK, here is the current plan. I have created a product, I have created a website for that product, I have created an Affiliate program for that product and some emails for the registration type thing. I am in the process of creating a $7 ebook for affiliates to use to help generate instant income (100% of the sale of the ebook) and I am building brandible links into the ebook for for the product links as well.

I am also experimenting with a different type of ezine. Not too much detail right now but think of your monthly glossy magazine from the newsagent, bookstore or supermarket but delivered as a dynamic desktop program, where the content changes every month and you can still access the archived products, add your own notes to the magazine to make it more useful to you.

At this stage you can go to the website and check out the product, there is a free to use page where you can do almost everything the desktop product does, you can also download the desktop tool from links on the site.

The site is check the site and come back here to comment, I would appreciate your feedback. If you download the desktop version, use the code 0001 when you register the package.

I should tell you that the product I have developed is a simple, 100% accurate spam blocker. A tool which will block all spam, and everything else except what is in your white list. Not only that but it deletes the spam directly from your email server before it gets into your inbox.

This tool works with all email programs and all pop3 email accounts. No tricky set up, download, register, set up your accounts and use. Unlike lots of software being sold, the developer (me) actually uses this almost every day and has since August 2007. In fact I have a tally of the number of spam emails deleted, from my own (main) three email accounts, since then posted on the website.

More details later.

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