Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Is Traffic Python the real deal?

G'Day Folks, I've been rushing around all over the internet in my usual un-focussed way spinning my wheels and making little progress.

I gotta stop that.

I still haven't made a sale via the 30 day challenge site but that might be due to the keywords I chose. I found an additional function in Marketing Samuarai which shows the MSN Commercial Intent thingy. While I'm not a huge fan of this tool as I pointed out on someones blog due to the sometimes quite flakey results it did show that the keywords I had targeted were very low in OCI.

As a result of this I have set up another test blog on a different keyword that shows a higher OCI. I didn't do it quite as thoroughly as the first one and I used a Blogger blog to host the site which limits some of the things I can do with it but it is at #34 and rising.

In the hunt for places to park a backlink I came across Traffic Python and joined as the promo is pretty good.

Having joined though I am wondering if the hype doesn't match the reality or if I just found it early. After checking with Alexa to see how long this has been around I can see that its only 6 months old so perhaps it need to age a bit. Anyway, the concept is good. I think it will only last for a couple of years at best, a bit like banners. When the general public have seen them a lot they'll stop clicking on them.

When was the last time you clicked a banner? However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't check it out and decide if it might help you get some traffic. You shouldn't ignore something because it might have a short lifetime, get in do it but don't make it your only source of traffic.

I found some rules for internet marketing that I think are worth sharing.

Post pages, get backlinks.

Google rewards persistence.

Test and Track.

If you have an under performing site and you can't make it go, sell it - and then monitor it so you can see what the buyer does with it, you might learn something.

Do you have any others to add?

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Damn, that was fast.

Now hear this. Go do the 30 day challenge, it just might change the way you approach internet marketing.

Here is my experience so far. I registered the domain name, set up the site, added the first post and played with a tool called traffic bug, also a 30 day free trial through the 30 day challenge.

The next day I wrote a properly SEO post and added it to the blog, put a link to the site in the previous post. I also set up Google analytics and created an ad.

The next day I wrote another article and submitted it to Ezine Articles and another the next day which I submitted to Scribd. Before the Scribd article was online this site was in the Google cache and was at #3 for phrase match search on the keywords.

Today, after submitting the Scribd article I checked again and, for phrase match, my site is #1. So that's from new to #1 in 3 days. Now it will drop out again, probably, but I will keep adding articles and links so I expect it will come back in a week or so and be rock solid at #1.

The 30 day challenge, Market Samurai and traffic bug work folks. I haven't made any sales yet but my first natural search visitor clicked through on the ad so that's a 100% CTR at this stage. Let's see how the conversions go. I am expecting a high conversion rate because it is a low cost, high demand product.

So the site again is on sea fishing lures and you can check it out via that shameless plug. Then go check the 30 day challenge. I'll post when I make a dollar or atleast keep you updated on the progress of the site.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

This is definitely worth doing.

I found this site a while back but didn't pay a lot of attention to it because I am totally fed up with the never ending BS of people trying to sell "How to make it big on the Internet" type crap. You know the stuff, you proabably are getting an inbox full of join our training program/membership site/blah blah blah and it'll only cost you $27/$97/$2,500 per month/per session. take our knowlege and make $37,456 in your first week, see how this plumber/deaf dumb unemployed surf bum/12 year old girl did it and you can do it too.

Some of these probably are good and maybe even worth the money but mostly they are just as big a scam as the Vanuity rubbish. Most of these people, even if they have made money online, really have no idea how they did it. It was mostly just dumb luck.

The 30 day challeng is very very different. For a start, it's all free. Even the programs that they suggets you use are free for at least the 30 days of the challenge. They also have produced a massive amount of training in both pdf and video format, there is an active forum and the moderators are also active on teh forum. They'll often get back to you within 12 hours of your question.

I must confess that I didn't pay much attention to this until about day 8 of the training when I came back to the site looking to see where they were up to and discovered what is possibly the best research tool available. It saves week and weeks of work.

If you join the 30 day challenge you will get a 40 day trial of this tool. What's it called? Market Samurai. An it'll help you find niches ripe for the plucking.

For example, anyone who has done any market research in the fishing market would realise that this is a huge market but also has massive competition. Without being able to to extensive research into the market you wouldn't find the micro-niche that I have found and set up a site to test.

Have a look at sea fishing lures, this is my newest site, currently has only one holding post but this will change over the next week. Yeah I know, don't show anyone your niche but you have to build links to the site at some stage. When you do you are showing your site to others. So what? The way I figure it there is plenty of traffic and markets on teh internet for everyone. If you only ever attempt to steal other peoples work then you will always be destined to be second best. Learn the methods and then implement them for your own benefit.

Go do the 30 day challenge, you just might learn something useful.

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Here's one of the good guys.

I remember reading in one of Chris 'Affiliate Project X' McNeeneys' ebooks or emails, I don't remember which, about an affiliate of his who was kicking ass in sales. That affiliates name is Andre Chaperon.

Today I found Andre Chaperon's website Affiliate Bully. Now before you all head over there I am going to give you a couple of links to something very special that Andre has done.

I'd like to tell you a bit about this first. Andre's page is about a number of tools which will help you create profitable adwords campaigns. Once they are profitable you can then leverage them into MSN and Yahoo campaigns and begin working on organic traffic etc.

The thing is, Andre really does have good information and brilliant tools but there is something very special which I am giving you links to, he has given two complete step by step ways to make money with free tools, Clickbank and Adwords. He shows how to pick good keywords, how to choose the product, how to set up the campaign, how to track your ROI and how to make your campaigns profitable. All for free, not even an email address as cost. And this is seriously good stuff. You could just visit his site, plug these two links into your favorites and visit regularly until you are making money.

OK, OK, the links are Affiliate Bully Reloaded and Clickbank Case Study and do your self a favor. Visit Andre, read the case study, follow the steps and finally make some money.

I have already set up one campaign using this information, I don't have the split testing set up yet but will manage that very soon, like today. I have tracking set up.

OK, I'm still using free tools for that. I use Google Analytics for lots of tracking, even on this blog and I am very pleased with the results. I am going to set up the split testing using Google website optimisation. I haven't used that yet so this is a good time to try it out. Seriously, check out this site and get stuck in this is one of those really good deals where you can make money with your internet marketing.

Those links again are Affiliate Bully Reloaded and Clickbank Case Study

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

You Won't Believe What I Was Given and Now It's Yours

What if I did you a favor, something big, something powerful and
proven to help you grow your business which you would usually have
to pay for and instead of paying for it, you simply pay it forward
to 3 more people as full 'payment'.

You may think there's a catch.

No, there isn't. World class copywriter, Trevor Crook gave me his
10 hours of Copywriting Blueprint audios, his proven blueprint for
creating compelling sales copy and letters which he usually sells
for $197.

Trevor gave it to me as a favor because he has started a
revolution to help one million entrepreneurs in the next 30 days
and you and get a brilliant gift to help you get more sales plus
you can help change history at the same time.

You do not have to buy anything. There's no gimmicks.

Too may people want to 'take' in today's world instead of giving
and this is a recipe for a complete disaster.

When you understand the 'Laws of Reciprocation' like I do, you will
understand how much your life will change when you give freely
of yourself without any thoughts of getting anything back in return.

Trevor has explained this in more detail and you can find out for
yourself and get Trevor's favor to you. Go to:

Pay it Forward



PS. When I first read Trevor's letter, I thought he was insane so I
would take him up on his offer to give you his copywriting blueprint
right now before he changes his mind.

Go to:

Pay it Forward

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Can being open be a danger?

I was just reading a blog post about the convergence of blog software and social networking at ReadWriteWeb and, while I like the idea, am concerned about the personal security ramifications.

I know that we are all nice people who wouldn't take advantage of the fact that I can quickly and easily find where you live, can see when you are away from home, I have your telephone or cell number and can call you the check that you are away from home (or at home, depending on my motivation) but there are people on the internet who are not as nice as you or I.

I understand that, when it comes to doing business online, you want to know that I am a real person with a real address and a real telephone number to call. I have reservations about giving all that information 100% correctly so what I usually do is give a slightly generic address. It's still accurate but won't allow anyone to just arrive unexpectedly.

There are other issues quite apart from personal security.

What about the careless, thoughtless or inappropriate post? We all say and do stupid things sometimes. We are all blond for 5 minutes each day, don't exceed your limit (with apoligies to the blonds). With the internet any stupid mistake can live forever. This can come back to haunt you when, in a job interview, your prospective new employer asks about your thoughts on green house gasses or other ethnic groups?

Perhaps you had a bad day at work and you posted some comment about the boss doing something dumb, dodgy or illegal? Or you happen to mention that you think a fellow employee is cute, stupid, thick, good in bed. How's your job going to last and how do you think you'll get another?

The risks are huge, there is nothing private on the internet. Always post as if you are in a huge room with 30 million other people, some of whome are listening and reading but you don't know which ones.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Making Money on the Internet

I was doing some keyword research, something we should all do on a regular basis, checking what comes up in the search results.

I came across a nice post which referenced this site ShoeMoney as the best source for making money online information. Unfortunately for me I spent way too long reading. Jeremy, great site but I really need to be doing my own stuff OK? I'll be back but not tonight.

The site that directed me to Jeremy's site was this one link and there are some excellent ideas here.

A word of caution, you will never make any money online or off if you are not focussed. Here is another internet marketing secret, pick one market and work it until it makes money. If you keep chopping and changing chasing the fast easy money you will almost always fail.

If you manage to make any money with this it will be purely because you fluked it and you'll be almost certainly unable to repeat it, certainly not deliberately.

As far as I am able to identify most of the so called gurus are in this position, they fluked something that worked but they still don't know how or why.

I remember one guru that I actually paid to teach me how to make money online who didn't even complete the course of instruction and disappeared with my money. He called himself Mr. X, should have been enough warning for me but he came with a recommendation from The Internet Marketing Summit.

He fell into a system that made money for him but he was just lucky and was unable to repeat the same success with his next attempts so he tried to teach others but was unable to do that because he had no idea what he was doing.

Disclaimer: I am not a guru, I write about what I am learning, not all of it works consistently even for me. I think I'm getting closer though.

OK, here's a couple of other links for you. How to find extra money in your current finances. How to Generate Emergency Cash from the internet.

Keep at it folks, more coming.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Internet Marketing and Making Money are not the same thing.

I don't know how many people are actively involved in internet marketing but I suspect that there are 100,000s who are active with possibly millions who have dabbled or not even got started yet but who would like to have the steady passive income that seems to be available.

I don't usually read other peoples blogs because they interfere with my online activities. If you spend all your time online reading emails and blogs you won't ever get anything done.

My advice to you would be to do the activities that will make you money first, then read the emails and blogs.

So what makes up the activities which make you money? Really only a few things, keyword research, get content, get links. If you do that you will make money. One other thing that will help. If you have one site which makes $5 per week you might think that you have failed. Not true, you have a successful site - now make another 1,000 sites like that and you'll be making $5,000 per week

I found this excellent blog post that you should read. 102 ways to get backlinks will open in a new window. Why read this, simple really if you don't get links to your site you won't get any traffic and I can prove that see this post and understand that the single most important thing you can do for your online marketing efforts is to generate backlinks to your site and to the pages within your site.

After years of following the "avoid the Google slap" and "how to trick Google" idiots I realised that Google actually loves you and wants you to make money. Not only that but they provide, free of charge, all the tools and information you need to find profitable markets and how to target them. They also provide you with the content that they like that you can use.

You don't need to buy tools, you don't need to buy traffic, you don't need to pay for hosting, you don't need to know how to build a website or any of that stuff. You probably will want to learn some of that later and you will want to have your own hosted websites later so you can sell them but you don't need any of that to get started.

Learn to find good markets, find out what keywords will bring the right type of traffic, write content similar to the pages listed high in Google for your keywords and get links.

Too hard? Then go do something else because this is the easiest and cheapest business model you'll find anywhere on the internet or off.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another interesting email from Google

I had an email from Blogger telling me that their auto anti spam software had identified my latest blog as a spam blog.

They didn't tell me what they found to determine that but they did say that I should log in and fill in their capture stuff to prove I'm human. I would like to know what triggered the email so I don't do it again.

Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not complaining. I am quite happy that they are actively working on stopping the spam blogs and the auto blogging idiots.

I am confident that after they review my blog they'll accept that it isn't spam, it's just formatted differently to most. You can have a look at it here on my blog about beef jerky recipes, you'll have to click the link called continue because of the current block but you can get through and see the blog.

The difference is that, since I am aware that most visitors to any website don't scroll down the page at all, on this blog I am experimenting with putting the ad block above the fold. Does this make it a spam blog? I don't know but according to the rules of blogger I don't think so. The way I read it indicates that the main characteristic of a spam blog is lots of links and very little content. Because of the ad block there are lots of links at the top of the blog but there are full articles (200+ words) below the fold which are on topic and not keyword stuffed.

According to the Amazon ad block there are 18 links back to Amazon in that ad block so that is probably what triggered the problem. It'll be interesting to find out what the ruling is.

I'm off to make more backlinks to my sites. Seriously, this is probably the absolute best thing you can do to generate traffic. I saw a site today which has a #1 position in Google SERP for a very competitive key phrase which only has 16 links according to Alexa and the keyword phrase isn't even in the domain name.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

How not to get Traffic.

One of the problems of being as unfocussed as I have been in my attempts to create an income online is that I sometimes forget to do certain things that are crucial to gaining the required traffic.

One unforseen benefit of this though is that I have a number of websites and domains around which I continue to pay the fees on and now are aged domains, if that is a benefit.

I was working on a website that I have held since early 2007 and generates small but regular adsense income. The reason I was there is that I am setting up a new project and was looking to generate some backlinks for it. I wanted to write a couple of articles to plug links to the new project.

When I was there I thought I might check the stats on the other subdomains and discovered this.

The url is blocked out to protect the innocent. What this shows, for those of you who don't read their stats, is that the day I set the page up I triggered 8 hits. No-one has seen the site since 11th July 2008. Absolutely no traffic which shows exactly why you MUST HAVE LINKS TO YOUR SITES if you want any traffic.

On this domain I have several other sub-domains which have links and the total traffic to all the sub-domains and the main domain is around 10,000 hits per month.

So folks, traffic tip #2, create at least one link to your page or no-one will ever find it.

Remember traffic tip #1? Adwords links do not create backlinks or search engine rankings on their own.

In the interests of creating a link to my new properties, which actually already have links 'cause they're in the menu, this is the page I was building recipes for Beef Jerky and this is what is called a contextual link.

Apparently the search engine robots like these because they are part of the content of the page. This link would carry more weight if the content was also about beef jerky or recipes but it isn't. The bots will follow the link though and find the new page.

Because there is a menu structure on the site the bots will also find all the other pages but not the sub-domains if there are no links to them, as you can clearly see from the graph above.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

How to make Money on the Internet.

I am still learning this stuff after all these years but I am beginning to have some understanding of what is actually required.

For example, despite the claims of companies like Omni Business Solutions and other thinly disguised scams, you don't need to spend large amounts of money to make money.

You may need to spend some but in general you can begin to make some cash before you have to re-invest some of that back to leverage your income to greater heights.

You will need a website but these are available for free, click on this link car auctions above to see one I made last night for no cost to me at all.

Now I need to do more work here but that is a good start. As you can see I have set this up as an affiliate site which means that I don't have any product creation costs or any customer issues. It is also a slightly modified Blogger blog and you can get the information on how to set these up at this site.

So what do you really need to make money? You need a group of people who want to buy something, you need to be able to supply that something and then you need to be able to let that group know how to find your something.

Seriously, that doesn't look too hard does it? And it isn't. What goes wrong then? How come so few people are making any money online? After a couple of years of only making a dribble of income I think I can give you a few clues.

I fell for the line that it was hard work, I fell for the line that I needed to buy that latest wizz-bang product, I fell for the Vanuity/Omni Biz solutions BS but more importantly I didn't used that neck-top computer and actually look at what was really required. In short, I over analysed all the information I was fed and failed to see the truth.

The unvarnished truth is what I wrote just above, you need potential customers, you need a product and you need targetted traffic.

The Devil, as they say, is in the details. In this case the details are also simple. You really need to get the book from Geoff Shaw, this is the simplest, cheapest and fastest way to profit I know. I have been using these methods for a little over 4 months now and I am totally impressed. I have taken a blog from almost no traffic (around 20 visits per month) to significant traffic (around 20,000 visits per month) and another from 5 per month (on a good month) to 80,000 per month in the same time frame. Geoff explains it simply, with examples, in his book Get Google Smart.

What you'll discover is that getting traffic and backlinks are so simple and easy that you'll have ample time on your hands for surfing the net, chatting in forums and still make money. Geoff shows you what he is doing right now to create a new $200,000 per year income, no sneaky hidden tricks or getting all his 'Guru" buddies to promote stuff for him. Actually I'm not sure he even has any 'Guru' buddies.

Adding a bit more detail, do keyword research to find out what people are looking for - Google can help you here for free, find a product which satisfys those people, try Clickbank, PayDotCom, CPA offers etc., set up a free landing page, use a free Blooger blog, send visitors, Google can help you here as well and I'm not talking Adwords.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Looking backwards can be instructional.

I have a website which has been online since 2000, right now I can't remember exactly when I started it but that isn't relevant to this post.

On that site there is a page of links to various affiliate sites and programs. Since then only one of those has closed down and the link no longer works (well I changed it actually but you get my drift).

Keeping that in mind, go have a look through your collection of ebooks in your digital library, blow the cyber dust off and search them for links. Follow those links to find out how many of those "must have tools, memberships etc." still work.

I have found that most of them no longer work. Those that do often point to pages which are not relevant or have been taken over by those junk parked domain sites where every link is adsense or similar.

Incidentally, I never click on those links and have been considering that I really should report them to Google as they just clutter up their results pages with internet plaque.

The interesting thing about these links is that you probably paid good money for the ebook or gave away your email address for them and they cannot even be bothered keeping the links live. In some cases it is because the links were to affiliate pages which no longer exist and it is impossible to recall all the ebooks to update the links. In others it is simple because the owner of the domain didn't make enough money to even pay their hosting fees.

Remember when the big buzz was to write an ebook, plug in your links and give it away so it'll go viral and you'll get 1,000s of visitors for free? I probably have 100s of these type of ebook. Mostly the content is crap, rehashed or just plain wrong and, of course, the links don't work.

So what can you do in your ebooks to prevent this happening? Ultimately you must control your links, all of them. It's smart business to do that in any case because you can make sure that all your links point to the same site and funnel the link juice into one place rather than scattering it or boosting the sales page of someone else.

So here's a plan or two. Create a blogger blog, create a review post for whatever product you're promoting with a link to the sales page, a email sign-up form, an image of the product and nothing else. Set your blogger site to only show one post per page and use the link to the post in your report, ebook, forum posts etc.

If/when the product stops being available you can either produce your own or change the review to recommend a different product and change the links from your page.

That's plan one, plan two is to register a domain with a nice generic name and build nice redirect php pages with your main keyword as the page name. Like this the redirect can be either an immediate redirect or, and better, a landing page with product review, sales page, contact details collection etc and a link to the actual sales page.

By doing this for every product of yours or that you are promoting you'll never lose the value of the work you do to promote. Realistically you should collect details from all your visitors, you can't do that but you should try. The main focus of your marketing should be to build a list, not sell a product. It's much easier to sell a product to your list than it is to keep finding more new custoemrs to sell a product to.

I have a new blog running at wealth management tips which I have recently put an email collection form on. It's a really crappy form and the offer is rubbish. I am not happy with the autoresponder that I am using there and went looking for a better one.

I just couldn't find a good one which allowed me to do what I want an autoresponder to do. Even the free ones have limits on subscribers, number of emails in a sequence, or won't do both sequential emails and broadcast emails to the subscribers. The paid ones also have limits and then want more money. I just wasn't happy with the functions and capabilities of the paid or free ones available so. Yep, guessed it, I am writing one. Beta testing of the basic functionality will begin soon. I'll post again when I have something online for viewing and, yes, it will be linkware. Free in exchange for a link to the site.

Proposed functionality:
unlimited subscribers
unlimited sequential emails
unlimited broadcast emails
double optin with logging
genuine email checker (no junk emails blocking up your list)
customise the form
short url links
form view tracking
subscription click tracking
email delivery tracking
email open tracking
link click tracking
customer editable profile page

and there are a couple of other goodies which I am not yet prepared to disclose.

There are some bits which aren't strictly autoresponder functionality but will be useful to marketers. Build landing pages, track product downloads etc.

More later, it isn't completed yet but is getting close.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Australian Budget Speech.

I promise I won't do this very often but I am just too angry to ignore this.

That pompous little peon, once described as a Rooster, is railing against the Opposition and big noting himself and his party as the responsible financial managers when they have taken an economy and budget which was in surplus and debt free to a massive 4% of GDP deficit and a $200 billion debt in the space of only 18 months.

How irresponsible. Look at it this way. If you knew that your were facing a significant drop in income, would you go out and borrow more than your income and give it away to charity? No you wouldn't.

Any sane, sensible person would, if they really wanted to help those less fortunate, work out a way to get some work done and provide a paid position for those who needed it. This relates to governents doing infrastructure projects which create jobs, employment and develops skills.

Not his mob, just give away cash.


On a lighter note and a source of some amusement here, our smallest dog was heard growling at something. Investigation revealed that she was growling at the Honourable Wayne Swan, Australian Treasurer giving his budget speech.

We laughed, she normally doesn't pay any attention to the TV at all, not even Inspector Rex. She is more discerning than we originally thought.

For more positive information about your finances get rid of your debt and learn to create wealth.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

I looked at my stats. What I saw was amazing.

This is my "Authority Site' (more on this later), the url is and has been online but doing nothing for about a year. I set this up after purchasing the course from a well known blogging master and followed the instructions but didn't get the traffic I expected. I did get volume but it was all rubbish, high bounce rate and no link clicking.

I found, or was sent, a link to another site as happens and yet again bought the product on offer Get Google Smart.

Once I read this ebook though I got really interested. I converted the above site to conform with the suggestions and put the suggestions into action. See, that's the difference between me and a lot of other marketers, I actually do try the products and suggestions, most just hope that by having the information on their computer that somehow they'll magically do the work for them. Sorry folks, can't and won't happen.

Back to the main thrust. Adding content to this site is done in three ways, all absolutely easy and takes almost no time to do. I am, at best, an intermittent marketer. I prefer to spend my time writing software tools for my use, see last post for my current project. I hadn't checked the traffic stats on the blog for a couple of weeks but I did last night just before shutting down my computer for the night.

What I saw was simply amazing. 10,000 pageviews in a single month, over 400 unique visitors about half are rss feeds, the search engines are falling over themselves to catalogue the site (there are currently over 2,500 posts of which I wrote perhaps 20).

I looked at the visitors from search engines and discovered that most of them came from search terms I didn't use but I was on the first page of results for. The main site keywords Wealth Management Tips not in quotes in the USA results I am on page 1 of Google. This site is growing on it's own, it's posting content that is unique, some that is duplicate but is all related to the overall theme of the site. I have a bit more work to do to be able to convert this growing traffic to income but I am now totally confident that this method works and is highly unlikely to be "Google Slapped" because it is delivering exactly what Google wants, regular updates, relevant content, not keyword stuffed, not overtly commercial.

That link again for you Get Google Smart please, if you want to make money online, go get his book. It will transform your attitude to marketing and your ability to make money online. If you don't stiff me on the commission and let me know your receipt number I'll give you a copy of my Google Search tool.

It's worth having, I use it almost every day rather than the Google search page because it puts all the advanced search functions, and a some you can't get access to easily, at your finger tips. No, it's not currently for sale, no it's not currently available anywhere except by asking me. Yes I am planning on selling it, later.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another New Project

While setting up my Wealth Management Tips site as an Authority Site (more on this later) I needed an autoresponder with some useful features. What I need it to do is send a series of emails to the subscriber as a double opt-in and allow me to also send the occasional braodcast email to all subscribers.

I have access to a couple of autoresponders which will send an initial email for confirmation - double opt-in - and then allow me to send broadcast emails to all subscribers. I can't use those to send an email course. I have an autoresponder program which will allow me to set up an email course but can't send a broadcast email to all subscribers and it isn't double opt-in.

I searched online and it is possible to combine both in a paid service but there are limits to the number of subscribers and/or emails before you start paying more per month. There was no free service or software that could do both that I found.

So, I'm writing one. I did think about out-sourcing it but decided that I could buy the service for the cost of getting one written. In any case, I want to be able to give this software away not sell it. There is one feature that I came up with which I probably will sell as an add-on module to the free package because not everyone will want it. And I won't be saying more about this yet because it'll be a bloody good tool for marketers and I don't want any competition until I have it available.

One other feature that I want to add which is also not available on anything else but will be copied rapidly is the ability for your subscribers to modify their subscriptions, not just un-subscribe. What I have in mind is the ability to stop, pause, re-start, re-start from part way through a mailing, change to other subscriptions, change the email address they are getting their emails to all from one simple page.

Once you add to that the ability to track delivery, clicks on the links in your emails and sales from sent emails then you'll have a marketing tool to behold. The addition of the extra, as yet un-announced function should make this and absolute must have tool.

There is one fly in the ointment, usually is isn't there, I have some concerns about the ISPs and/or web hosts allowing the sending of the emails. Some of them are quite @#$%^&*( (I don't have a good, polite word for this) about bulk emailing. Aparently it's all spam. Not true of course so I might have to do some research and find a couple of good ones to host the software. Something to be solved later.

For now, if you would like to be a beta tester, let me know. There's nothing available yet but will be soon, i.e. weeks not months.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Experimenting with traffic generation.

Another of my intermittent posts.

I have been experimenting with some different traffic generation methods and using Google analytics to see what is going on.

I have had some form of Google analytics on one or more of my websites for some time but hadn't explored the brilliance of this product. I read in, yet another ebook I bought recently, that stated that Google actually wants to help you.

I hadn't thought about it but that is actually correct. The various Google slaps have not been about stopping you making money, they have been about stopping those who don't deserve it making money.

What I mean by that is there are a number of marketers who work very hard to fool the search engines into indexing what is in effect crap or no content but which has a high "relevancy" for the keywords used. I put the word relevancy in quotes because the content isn't relevant it is just keyword stuffed.

Here is the type of content that is used

This business article is about your business.
Any business but particularly small businesses or new businesses must have
a business plan. A business without a business plan is doomed to fail.
These days any business should conside building an internet business as well as
their normal business. The advantage of an internet business is it can be
a home business where you do most of your business at home on the
internet. There are many advantages to a home based business...

as you can clearly see, while this almost reads sensibly, it is massively keyword stuffed. It doesn't provide any useful content but would, once upon a time, have ranked very well on the result pages for business. These days it may rank well for a while but would soon be deleted from the rankings and rightly so.

This is typical of the generated content that many people are attempting to use to build massive adsense sites, actually it is better than most because I have trouble writing completely nonsensical content but the Markov engines don't.

Of course, you the visitor won't see this content at all it's only for the search engines, you'll be redirected to a completely different site which may, or may not, be relevant to the keywords you used. This is where you find you have landed on a parked domain with a page of just links, no content at all and even the links are generated by the keywords you searched on.

The internet is filling up with garbage and the search engines don't like it because it drives people away. Did you know it is possible to generate a multi-thousand page website in a matter of minutes? From registering a domain name, setting up a host, putting your website online, getting indexed and traffic which makes money can take a matter of hours only.

The sites get dumped in weeks but the perpetrators of this rubbish make 100s of these sites a month and massive amounts of money. They work so hard to produce nothing that they could spend the same amount of time working within what the search engines want and actually make more money without having to keep on repeating what they are doing. Unfortunately for this business model the search engines are getting much better at detecting them and shutting them down faster.

I diverge from the reason for this post. I have been using a method of content generation which is quick, guaranteed to be what the search engines want, unique, keyword focussed and can generate quality backlinks.

I set up a blogger site to play with this, I did stuff the title with keywords a bit and it has been online for about a week. But, it is getting organic traffic (about 10 uniques per day) and growing. This is the link to Making money on the Internet with Google how's that for keyword stuffing legitimately?

Have a look at it and tell me what you think, I don't care about the appearance of the site at the moment so don't comment on that bit, just tell me what you think of the content. Does it look like it would provide some value to the visitor or not?

Time to stop and wait for some comments.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unsecured Loans or Payday Loans are getting more popular but they are dangerous.

unsecured loans: Ohio HB 545 Can't Kill Payday Loans: They Live!
Personal Money Store Financial News Blog - Spokane,WA,USA
It capped annual interest rates at 28 percent for the high risk, unsecured loans, which is not a workable profit model. It isn't oblivion, but it's close. ...

unsecured loans: Short Term Loans for Unemployed:
Assisting in Removal of Fiscal ...

Search By Headlines (press release) - Reno,NV,USA
Mind it that you have to keep valuable assets in order to
avail the secured short term loans. On the other hand, unsecured loans are helpful to recuperate ...

As you can see from the above entries unsecured loans are easy to get and they are offered as either ubsecured or payday loans all over the internet.
If you think that you really need to get one of these type of laons there is a very good chance that you acnnot afford to go down that path at all. The interest rates on the unsecured or payday loan is so high that if you default or can't pay your payday loan it can quickly blow out to a massive problem.
As far as I can tell, the only reason to take out an unsecured loan or a payday loan is if you don't have any debt currently but need just a little bit more money/cash than you currently have on hand. If you need a payday loan to cove an existing debt then you are begging for trouble.
For help eliminating yor debts you need to visit the debt relief section of this web site.

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