Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Update on Project X

You wouldn't believe it but...this ProjectX package is missing something that is really important.

A lot of the information is pretty good, I learnt a few new things to put into practice but it is very weak in the one thing that will really make the difference.

How the hell do you get your Adwords ad clicked on???

I have played around with adwords for a while, I know that Google will block any ad they don't like or that is getting what they think is poor results. Fair enough, they are running a business and poor ads just don't make money for them. Not that I think they are short of cash flow but they still want to maximise their profitability and they are allowed to.

It is really hard to write and ad that fits their rules, gets your message across enought to get the click and remains profitable for you.

Fortunately there is a solution and the free adwords packages just don't cut it. I have read them and tried out their solutions, they seem to be just telling you enough to get you frustrated enought to get you to buy their "advanced" package.

If you are offering a free solution you really should give me enough information to make at least enough money to be able to pay for the upgrade package you turkey...

Anyway, as I said, there is a solution an adwords product which does tell you exactly how to get the click and how to learn how to get the click for less money and more profit. Have a look at this page (click here) and see what you think. At the moment there is a special offer for Afilliates who also own this program, an almost free website to help you with your sales. Why almost free? You pay for the domain name and hosting but all the rest of the codeing etc is done for you.

A pretty good deal I think. Unfortunately there are limited spaces so be quick. I'll post my link when I have it done.

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