Sunday, June 12, 2005

Welcome to My Internet Marketing Journey.

I have been so frustrated with trying to separate the real online marketing experts from the "me too, know nothing, self proclaimed gurus" and blatant scam artists who are just trying to extract money from you that I decided to begin a blogg to chronicle my personal experiences in the, possibly naive hope that some of you might be able to learn from this and avoid the many traps I have fallen into.

I'll also try to keep the sentences shorter.

Firstly, my name is Brent and I live in Adelaide, South Australia. Read my profile for more details. I am trying to keep this as open and honest as possible. This might change if I cop too much BS from others (not you of course - but 'others').

Everything on this blogg is my opinion and you may or may not experience the same results or share my opinion. You are welcome to share your opinion with me and others but blatent attempts to use my blogg to promote your own affiliate programs or sell stuff will be met with complete ignore and the deletion of your post - judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

I have been online now since 1998 and I haven't made my fortune, I haven't made $297,126.43 in 24 hours (or even at all), I am no genius and I have opinions on everything.

You might even get to read some of my opinions, no, that's wrong. You will get to read my opinions.

In any case, the journey has already begun so the next several posts will attemp to bring you up to date with what has happened in the past and where I am now. Of necessity I will talk about me and my experiences. This isn't to make me look good (it probably won't) but simply becaus I cannot talk about your experiences 'cause I didn't have them.

What I expect to happen is that you'll identify with some of my experiences and perhaps some of my solutions will make sense to you. I trust that you'll take full responsibility for your own choices and actions relating to any and all information on this blogg. By the way, that was a legal disclaimer. You agree to it by continuing to read this blogg. OK?

An extra line so you can leave this page if you choose. In actual fact I am closing this post here so I can go back to the 3D world (where the food comes from) and will add another post in the very near future.

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