Saturday, January 20, 2007

This is Unbelievable.

I set up a new campaign in Google on Thursday night (18/1/07) for a relatively high traffic set of key words.

After 10 hours I had 32 clicks, I looked at the keyword group and decided to split it into two groups with two new ads. Both sets used the same URL which sends the visitor to the same sales page via a cloaked link.

Today Saturday (20/1/07), one of my keywords has had a 200% CTR, others are above 50% so the traffic is good. But no #$%^ sales. What is happening here?

The other group is doing pretty well with CTR's as high as 33%. Total clicks sent to the sales page today is 94. The sales page claims to have a 3% conversion rate so I should have 2-3 sales by now but I don't have any, I just checked Clickbank to be sure.

So how many of you are also having the same problem, got your ads converting well, in a high traffic niche, found a good product with a good(?) sales page and no sales? Got any input for me on how to fix this?

I am also running some experiments with web 2.0 that I will report on later.

Good luck with your efforts.

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