Friday, April 17, 2009

I looked at my stats. What I saw was amazing.

This is my "Authority Site' (more on this later), the url is and has been online but doing nothing for about a year. I set this up after purchasing the course from a well known blogging master and followed the instructions but didn't get the traffic I expected. I did get volume but it was all rubbish, high bounce rate and no link clicking.

I found, or was sent, a link to another site as happens and yet again bought the product on offer Get Google Smart.

Once I read this ebook though I got really interested. I converted the above site to conform with the suggestions and put the suggestions into action. See, that's the difference between me and a lot of other marketers, I actually do try the products and suggestions, most just hope that by having the information on their computer that somehow they'll magically do the work for them. Sorry folks, can't and won't happen.

Back to the main thrust. Adding content to this site is done in three ways, all absolutely easy and takes almost no time to do. I am, at best, an intermittent marketer. I prefer to spend my time writing software tools for my use, see last post for my current project. I hadn't checked the traffic stats on the blog for a couple of weeks but I did last night just before shutting down my computer for the night.

What I saw was simply amazing. 10,000 pageviews in a single month, over 400 unique visitors about half are rss feeds, the search engines are falling over themselves to catalogue the site (there are currently over 2,500 posts of which I wrote perhaps 20).

I looked at the visitors from search engines and discovered that most of them came from search terms I didn't use but I was on the first page of results for. The main site keywords Wealth Management Tips not in quotes in the USA results I am on page 1 of Google. This site is growing on it's own, it's posting content that is unique, some that is duplicate but is all related to the overall theme of the site. I have a bit more work to do to be able to convert this growing traffic to income but I am now totally confident that this method works and is highly unlikely to be "Google Slapped" because it is delivering exactly what Google wants, regular updates, relevant content, not keyword stuffed, not overtly commercial.

That link again for you Get Google Smart please, if you want to make money online, go get his book. It will transform your attitude to marketing and your ability to make money online. If you don't stiff me on the commission and let me know your receipt number I'll give you a copy of my Google Search tool.

It's worth having, I use it almost every day rather than the Google search page because it puts all the advanced search functions, and a some you can't get access to easily, at your finger tips. No, it's not currently for sale, no it's not currently available anywhere except by asking me. Yes I am planning on selling it, later.

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