Monday, September 08, 2008

And now I have reported this person to Clickbank.

Yep I have. See what happened is that I was still sending traffic and still not getting any sales. I had a very close look at the landing page. What I was planning was to take the entire page, chop out the offending sign-up page and run it on my website as the landing page.

When I went to change the "buy it now" links I found that the links went through a tracking script not direct to clickbank. No real problem with that except when I followed that link after using my affiliate link and found that the affiliate credited with the traffic was not me but "none".

Now this is possibly a problem with with the tracking script but since the product is all about how to use Clickbank and get around the tricks the Guru's use to steal your commissions I have me doubts about this being accidental.

So this amounts to blatant theft of affiliate commissions and I reported this fact to Clickbank today. This is a breach of their conditions and allows them to block all this publishers income and suspend his account and prevent delivery of his landing page. There just might be a very loud scream.

So why am I not revealing the name of this publisher or the product? Well I believe that Clickbank should take action and, if this is proved to be accidental, no-one should be burned at the stake for an error.

However, if Clickbank fail to act and/or they determine that this was deliberate I will post the name and product details here. Not that anyone will see it but I will be the first person on the internet to really pick a crook and publicise it.

I will then generate as much traffic as I can to this page and I will also detail exactly what was being done so you can see if the product you are promoting is doing the same thing. I think that this is an isolated case but it should not be allowed to continue.

Good Luck.

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