Monday, August 25, 2008

Sometimes I wish you visitors would stop using stealth mode...

That has to be the explanation surely.

It just isn't possible to have a website/blog online for however many years this has been online and still not have any visitors.

The real curiosity is that I have visited this site from different computers and different IP addresses but still they don't show up in the stats. How can that be you ask, well strictly speaking that would be asking because you aren't here are you.

Tha answer is that it can't be. I posted a video on a site of mine and the only link to it is in a single email I sent out to two people. That video has now been viewed 200 times. Part of that is the viral power of a funny email - hmmm, something to test. But another part is that perhaps the search engines have found it as well. I just did a quick search but couldn't find it in the 1.6 million results Google threw up for that phrase so who knows.

Personally I think that the algorithm for the analytics might be a bit harsh. None of the sites that I can get to the raw stats on match the analytics stats. Don't know yet, may never know not sure if I care enough to really track it down.

I'll just keep on posting here to see what happens. At some stage some real visitors may show up and talk to me.

Anyway, gurus, there is one who I have been promoting a bit until clickbank began to show real stats. Now they are showing how many visitors you actually get from your links to the product. About time I say but get this, the product I was promoting with limited success and claims a 7.4% conversion rate, mine is closer to 0.7%, shows that I sent 60 visitors for no sales over a period of time less than 30 days (I don't push it hard as the ROI isn't good enough). Now 7.4% of 60 is 4.44 so I should have converted at least 2 and possibly 5 based on a conversion rate between 2% and 8%. What is going on here I asked myself and went looking at the landing page - this particular a#$%^&e has only put a capture above the fold offering a free download for an email address. He is stealing all my and your visitors. You can only make a sale to those who ignore the freebie. You have to watch them all the time or they'll rob you blind and then sell you another ebook to "fix" your poor conversions.

Want to know who this is? Go check your landing page, I would be prepared to bet that there are a lot more than just the one I have been caught out with. There is a fix. But you'll have to comment to get it.


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