Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Just a Quick note

This is really just to have a post and keep the content coming.

I have noticed lately that my Adsense ads are not producing any income. Not that I am getting much in the way of traffic either but that us something that I should be able to change.

The very few clicks I am getting have not generated any income since November last year and I find that very strange. Does this mean that the customers were running ads at no cost? Come on, since when does Google allow others to run ads at no cost. No, I think this is more proof that Google filters all the Adsense clicks through some algorithm which checks the source of the traffic and adjusts the payout to less than you paid (to destroy any arbitrage) or to zero if you happen to be in their bad books.

It seems that I am in that situation. I do wonder how many others are being similarly scammed by this behemoth. It is similar to that other American scam machine, Microsoft. They also scam the whole world with their back door monitoring of your activity online.

Some testing seems to be in order at this stage to find out if I can prove this. It would be nice if it was possible to test the Adsense links without breaching the Terms and Conditions but I don't think it is.

On another subject, I checked my Adwords campaigns. One campaign shows that my ad is showing at an average of position 3.7 and should be showing every time the keywords are used on USA sites only. I attempted to check the USA showing of the ads but cannot see them anywhere for any of the keywords.

So it seems that we are being conned again, Google is showing geographically specific ads even if you don't ask for them. How is it possible to fine tune your ad placement or CTRs if you have no idea where or when your ads are being shown?

I have been running a program called Adwords & Keywords on a small group of keywords, just 56 of them, after 3 1/2 hours it still hasn't delivered any results. Now I know that there will be people out there who would tell me that this program is brilliant and is blindingly fast but I get this problem with everything I try to use. I have upgraded the ram in this computer but I still can't sensible run video, the keyword tools are so slow they are pretty much useless to me. I have to tell you it is all very frustrating. Nothing seems to work as it should.

I have challenged a number of the USA based Gurus to come out to Adelaide with nothing, buy a s/h computer here, set up a new account with everyone and start as if from scratch and prove that their techniques work here as well as the tell us they work in the USA.

My belief levels are pretty low right now as I found out recently that most of the Adwords and Adsense numbers talked about to sell the latest book are actually from several years ago and they couldn't replicate them today.

OK, enough rant for now. This was going to be a short post. No-one will read this in any case since Google won't list this post any more than they have the others.

Good Luck on you efforts.

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