Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Update For March - Reporting on the activity

Well, no sales to report. More traffic but, despite the keywords, it must be poorly targetted because I don't seem to be able to attract the "click that pays".

I followed the Day Job Killer strategies, put them into action, built
landing pages, scraped keywords, borrowed ads, payed up to $5 per click
and optimised the ads to get that back down to $0.50 per click to be in
position 2-3. Generated 10% sign-up rate on the squeeze page and 1 sale
on the sales page which got refunded. No sales from the emails I sent
out to date, and that was on the market that Chris says he makes
$1,000,000 per year from.

I'd be happy, at this stage to make
more than I spend in this or any market. I have made an interesting
approach to several of the more successful Internet Marketers to mentor
me through to some positive ROI, I don't expect $10,000 per month, and
I will post the step by step process, the ads, the landing pages and
the results here.

It should be clear that I am not getting any
results on my own efforts so if mentoring turns that around then you'll
be able to track it here.

I would suggest that I would be
posting slightly delayed so that I can get some results before everyone
else floods the niche, after all, the whole point of niche marketing is
to work a niche. What most of theebooks tell you is generalisations on
keywords that they don't use, ads they haven't run, landing pages that
they have never put online and theoretical results because the GoogleTOS (apparently) forbid the actual results.

Hmmm... I have some adsense pages running, recently I have been getting lower and lower CTRs
on those pages and fewer impressions. I have also had the interesting
experience of getting clicks with no value. How does that happen? Look
for theebook coming soon.

Good Luck with your efforts

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