Saturday, June 20, 2009

How not to get Traffic.

One of the problems of being as unfocussed as I have been in my attempts to create an income online is that I sometimes forget to do certain things that are crucial to gaining the required traffic.

One unforseen benefit of this though is that I have a number of websites and domains around which I continue to pay the fees on and now are aged domains, if that is a benefit.

I was working on a website that I have held since early 2007 and generates small but regular adsense income. The reason I was there is that I am setting up a new project and was looking to generate some backlinks for it. I wanted to write a couple of articles to plug links to the new project.

When I was there I thought I might check the stats on the other subdomains and discovered this.

The url is blocked out to protect the innocent. What this shows, for those of you who don't read their stats, is that the day I set the page up I triggered 8 hits. No-one has seen the site since 11th July 2008. Absolutely no traffic which shows exactly why you MUST HAVE LINKS TO YOUR SITES if you want any traffic.

On this domain I have several other sub-domains which have links and the total traffic to all the sub-domains and the main domain is around 10,000 hits per month.

So folks, traffic tip #2, create at least one link to your page or no-one will ever find it.

Remember traffic tip #1? Adwords links do not create backlinks or search engine rankings on their own.

In the interests of creating a link to my new properties, which actually already have links 'cause they're in the menu, this is the page I was building recipes for Beef Jerky and this is what is called a contextual link.

Apparently the search engine robots like these because they are part of the content of the page. This link would carry more weight if the content was also about beef jerky or recipes but it isn't. The bots will follow the link though and find the new page.

Because there is a menu structure on the site the bots will also find all the other pages but not the sub-domains if there are no links to them, as you can clearly see from the graph above.

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