Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Can you make money online with Adsense?

There are those who will tell you (and sell you the information) that you can make massive amounts of money online with Adsense.

They'll even show you lots of lovely graphics posing as income proofs which show $100's per day. Wouldn't that be lovely? What they don't show you, claiming Google's terms of reference, is the CTR and the sheer volume of traffic required to get that cash flow. They also don't show the value per click or the fact that Google adjusts the value you get per click based on their analysis of where the traffic comes from.

Whay else do you think the reporting is delayed by so much time? If I can put a simple script on the site and get instant reporting on the activity there, why can't Google?

The answer is obviously that they can but they don't. Google clearly makes money online, they also pay out $billions per year to adsense clients so others are making money online as well with Adsense.

So the result is that there are still people making money online with Adsense. The question now has to be HOW?

With some rough analysis of what Google says about Adsense and what the SEO people say about websites indicates that, yes, you do need lots of traffic. You get this by having reasonable content that you write, add some relevant RSS for variation and then get some traffic coming. Write an article or two with a resource block to link back to your site.

The only way to get PR on your site is to have incoming links with your main keyword as the link like this <a href="http://personalwealth.kentberry.com.au/Cashflow.html" target="_blank">Cashflow</a>. When you have this in your money making article and webmasters pick it up you get backlinks all over the internet.

You also get traffic from those sites and from the emails that are sent out with your article included. How many articles do you need to write before you get lots of traffic? I don't know, how good at writing keyword targeted articles are you? Hey, you might have to practice a bit before you get good at it but even the articles which don't get picked up still provide backlinks so just keep going.

The other problem with making money online with Adsense is that you might only make $10 to $20 per day with your site (sure beats $10 per month but I can see why you might not be totally stoked with that) either work on other ways to generate traffic or build another site.

So, can you make money online with Adsense? I think that you might see that you can.

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