Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Damn, that was fast.

Now hear this. Go do the 30 day challenge, it just might change the way you approach internet marketing.

Here is my experience so far. I registered the domain name, set up the site, added the first post and played with a tool called traffic bug, also a 30 day free trial through the 30 day challenge.

The next day I wrote a properly SEO post and added it to the blog, put a link to the site in the previous post. I also set up Google analytics and created an ad.

The next day I wrote another article and submitted it to Ezine Articles and another the next day which I submitted to Scribd. Before the Scribd article was online this site was in the Google cache and was at #3 for phrase match search on the keywords.

Today, after submitting the Scribd article I checked again and, for phrase match, my site is #1. So that's from new to #1 in 3 days. Now it will drop out again, probably, but I will keep adding articles and links so I expect it will come back in a week or so and be rock solid at #1.

The 30 day challenge, Market Samurai and traffic bug work folks. I haven't made any sales yet but my first natural search visitor clicked through on the ad so that's a 100% CTR at this stage. Let's see how the conversions go. I am expecting a high conversion rate because it is a low cost, high demand product.

So the site again is on sea fishing lures and you can check it out via that shameless plug. Then go check the 30 day challenge. I'll post when I make a dollar or atleast keep you updated on the progress of the site.

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