Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's Slower than I would like

But it probably is more typical for most of you than the "I made $1,273.25 in 17.63 hours" hype that you mostly seem to read online.

As Chris says in the Project X manual or his sales page ( can't find it now so I don't know exactly where it is) for all the Gurus who claim these big instant sales days, all of them have spent years building a loyal following in a subscriber list that they sent this new offer to.

If you were to do this from scratch, like you and me, the results will be slower. As of today I have had 550 impressions on Google with 2 clicks, a 0.36% CTR (Click Through Rate), which is crappy. Worse, only one of my ads had any clicks. Time to rewrite some ads.

OK, I made some changes and I have more to do but I noticed that almost all the other Affiliates who are promoting this package are using the same technique which surely will pall with the searcher. I am doing some other things in the background at the moment to try to leverage the buzz into different markets which might not be flooded with competition.

I have found some but some isn't enough. After reading the Adwords Miracle ebook I have decided that I need to re-arrange my campaigns, more night work by the look of it.

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