Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Experimenting with traffic generation.

Another of my intermittent posts.

I have been experimenting with some different traffic generation methods and using Google analytics to see what is going on.

I have had some form of Google analytics on one or more of my websites for some time but hadn't explored the brilliance of this product. I read in, yet another ebook I bought recently, that stated that Google actually wants to help you.

I hadn't thought about it but that is actually correct. The various Google slaps have not been about stopping you making money, they have been about stopping those who don't deserve it making money.

What I mean by that is there are a number of marketers who work very hard to fool the search engines into indexing what is in effect crap or no content but which has a high "relevancy" for the keywords used. I put the word relevancy in quotes because the content isn't relevant it is just keyword stuffed.

Here is the type of content that is used

This business article is about your business.
Any business but particularly small businesses or new businesses must have
a business plan. A business without a business plan is doomed to fail.
These days any business should conside building an internet business as well as
their normal business. The advantage of an internet business is it can be
a home business where you do most of your business at home on the
internet. There are many advantages to a home based business...

as you can clearly see, while this almost reads sensibly, it is massively keyword stuffed. It doesn't provide any useful content but would, once upon a time, have ranked very well on the result pages for business. These days it may rank well for a while but would soon be deleted from the rankings and rightly so.

This is typical of the generated content that many people are attempting to use to build massive adsense sites, actually it is better than most because I have trouble writing completely nonsensical content but the Markov engines don't.

Of course, you the visitor won't see this content at all it's only for the search engines, you'll be redirected to a completely different site which may, or may not, be relevant to the keywords you used. This is where you find you have landed on a parked domain with a page of just links, no content at all and even the links are generated by the keywords you searched on.

The internet is filling up with garbage and the search engines don't like it because it drives people away. Did you know it is possible to generate a multi-thousand page website in a matter of minutes? From registering a domain name, setting up a host, putting your website online, getting indexed and traffic which makes money can take a matter of hours only.

The sites get dumped in weeks but the perpetrators of this rubbish make 100s of these sites a month and massive amounts of money. They work so hard to produce nothing that they could spend the same amount of time working within what the search engines want and actually make more money without having to keep on repeating what they are doing. Unfortunately for this business model the search engines are getting much better at detecting them and shutting them down faster.

I diverge from the reason for this post. I have been using a method of content generation which is quick, guaranteed to be what the search engines want, unique, keyword focussed and can generate quality backlinks.

I set up a blogger site to play with this, I did stuff the title with keywords a bit and it has been online for about a week. But, it is getting organic traffic (about 10 uniques per day) and growing. This is the link to Making money on the Internet with Google how's that for keyword stuffing legitimately?

Have a look at it and tell me what you think, I don't care about the appearance of the site at the moment so don't comment on that bit, just tell me what you think of the content. Does it look like it would provide some value to the visitor or not?

Time to stop and wait for some comments.

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