Monday, June 29, 2009

Making Money on the Internet

I was doing some keyword research, something we should all do on a regular basis, checking what comes up in the search results.

I came across a nice post which referenced this site ShoeMoney as the best source for making money online information. Unfortunately for me I spent way too long reading. Jeremy, great site but I really need to be doing my own stuff OK? I'll be back but not tonight.

The site that directed me to Jeremy's site was this one link and there are some excellent ideas here.

A word of caution, you will never make any money online or off if you are not focussed. Here is another internet marketing secret, pick one market and work it until it makes money. If you keep chopping and changing chasing the fast easy money you will almost always fail.

If you manage to make any money with this it will be purely because you fluked it and you'll be almost certainly unable to repeat it, certainly not deliberately.

As far as I am able to identify most of the so called gurus are in this position, they fluked something that worked but they still don't know how or why.

I remember one guru that I actually paid to teach me how to make money online who didn't even complete the course of instruction and disappeared with my money. He called himself Mr. X, should have been enough warning for me but he came with a recommendation from The Internet Marketing Summit.

He fell into a system that made money for him but he was just lucky and was unable to repeat the same success with his next attempts so he tried to teach others but was unable to do that because he had no idea what he was doing.

Disclaimer: I am not a guru, I write about what I am learning, not all of it works consistently even for me. I think I'm getting closer though.

OK, here's a couple of other links for you. How to find extra money in your current finances. How to Generate Emergency Cash from the internet.

Keep at it folks, more coming.

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