Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Australian Budget Speech.

I promise I won't do this very often but I am just too angry to ignore this.

That pompous little peon, once described as a Rooster, is railing against the Opposition and big noting himself and his party as the responsible financial managers when they have taken an economy and budget which was in surplus and debt free to a massive 4% of GDP deficit and a $200 billion debt in the space of only 18 months.

How irresponsible. Look at it this way. If you knew that your were facing a significant drop in income, would you go out and borrow more than your income and give it away to charity? No you wouldn't.

Any sane, sensible person would, if they really wanted to help those less fortunate, work out a way to get some work done and provide a paid position for those who needed it. This relates to governents doing infrastructure projects which create jobs, employment and develops skills.

Not his mob, just give away cash.


On a lighter note and a source of some amusement here, our smallest dog was heard growling at something. Investigation revealed that she was growling at the Honourable Wayne Swan, Australian Treasurer giving his budget speech.

We laughed, she normally doesn't pay any attention to the TV at all, not even Inspector Rex. She is more discerning than we originally thought.

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