Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some Excellent CTRs and Some Really CRAP CTRs

A little time has passed and still no sales. But, some of my Google Ads are really kicking butt WRT CTR I have several keywords which are getting ove 3% Click Through Rate (one that is 25% but I really don't think you can count 1 click in 4 views as a reliable indicator ;-) ).

I have other ads which, after 400+ views each are yet to record a click, now they must be really crap, still, no clicks means very cheap marketing. I have rewritten one of those Ads, hey, split testing means never changing the control and the new test at the same time.

I am not sure about the landing pages, the CTR might be quite good but the actual volume of visitors to the landing page is very low so I don't know yet if they can convert. Typically the conversion rate is about 1% so I would need to have several hundred visitors to even know if the conversion is reasonable and I haven't yet had that many.

However, it is very clear to me that the information I have learned from the Adwords Miracle book was well worth the money. This is the best CTR I have ever had with Google Adwords and has given me more confidence in my ability to generate an income from the internet.

Incidentally, I got an email from Chris at Project X recently with some interesting extra information and a couple of bonus books. You really get super value with this package. The package that keeps on giving.

How do you like the link cloaking I am using on this blog? The idea of link cloaking is to protect yourself from those people who take advantage of your information and marketing efforts to get all the information they want and then steal your legitimate commissions by hi-jacking your links.

I got this program from Jay but I had to make changes to the pages produced to make it work properly. I am not really happy with the package so I am not offering it here yet. I have asked Jay to make the required changes and he has said he would implement them. When he does I will post the link.

Time to close now but good luck with your own marketing efforts.

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