Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A bit more on getting SE Traffic and a gift.

Another thing I recently discovered is that the Search Engines no longer count any site with less than 50 pages. This blog is now up to 36 pages and the adsense ads are actually beginning to show some relevance.

OK, I just added a Social Bookmark link to this blog. I am proposing to run a give away for the first 50 people who visit this blog.

I just finished a small report last night, it is in pdf format and is on business names ideas, the same techniques can be used to pick a domain name. At this stage I don't even have a download link for you so you'll have to leave a comment asking for it with your email address so I can send you the link when I have set it up (probably tomorrow night as it's already 11:00PM now and time is up).

You may ask why I am persisting with this blog when there isn't any traffic, the answer is that I figure if I can get traffic to this one then traffic anywhere else has got to be a breeze ;-).

Anyway, more tomorrow and a link. Will probably be on the kentberry site but I'll decide that tomorrow as well.


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