Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So What the Hell is Happening?

I am really surprised and not a little annoyed/frustrated at the moment.

For a start, we changed Telecommunication provider on our home phone. When this was proposed to us and all the 'benefits' were explained it looked like a really good deal.

I specifically asked if there would be any change to our Broadband internet connection and was told "No, there would be no change."

Our experience, in a word, is crap. Since the change-over we have not had any internet connection. I have not been able to do anything for two weeks and I am not happy. Supposedly it will all be back together today.

This means that I have not been able to monitor my Google Campaigns properly.

WARNING: Monitor your Google Campaigns daily.

I have spent several hundred dollars in clicks over the last couple of weeks with NO sales at all. This equates to several hundred people getting through to the Landing page and not going any further or, if they do, not making the purchase decision.

So what is the problem here? I am stuffed if I know at the moment, is the landing page not pre-selling well? Are they clicking through to the next step? Is the cloaking software causing a problem with the tracking of sales i.e. are sales happening but I am not getting credited for them?

I really don't know and I am not sure, yet, how to discover the point or points of failure. I have been thinking that what I might need to do is develop a php program to handle the linking and give me some way of tracking the clicks.

I tried crazy egg as a way of tracking clicks but didn't get much useful information from that. Fortunately the click numbers are still pretty low and therefore the cost is still manageable.

But I don't like paying for clicks which don't result in sales. This is supposed to be a profit making exercise, not an exercise in assisting Google to make money.

What I am happy about is that the Google Ads I have running are getting good CTR, some as high as 25% (as mentioned before) so I am obviously getting better at writing the ads. Now I have to get better at writing the landing page but I need to be able to track it properly.

Assuming the internet is available when I get home tonight I might be able to do something useful. If not, perhaps a rude letter to the telecommunications provider with demands for reimbursement of lost funds might be in order.

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