Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Damn, that was fast.

Now hear this. Go do the 30 day challenge, it just might change the way you approach internet marketing.

Here is my experience so far. I registered the domain name, set up the site, added the first post and played with a tool called traffic bug, also a 30 day free trial through the 30 day challenge.

The next day I wrote a properly SEO post and added it to the blog, put a link to the site in the previous post. I also set up Google analytics and created an ad.

The next day I wrote another article and submitted it to Ezine Articles and another the next day which I submitted to Scribd. Before the Scribd article was online this site was in the Google cache and was at #3 for phrase match search on the keywords.

Today, after submitting the Scribd article I checked again and, for phrase match, my site is #1. So that's from new to #1 in 3 days. Now it will drop out again, probably, but I will keep adding articles and links so I expect it will come back in a week or so and be rock solid at #1.

The 30 day challenge, Market Samurai and traffic bug work folks. I haven't made any sales yet but my first natural search visitor clicked through on the ad so that's a 100% CTR at this stage. Let's see how the conversions go. I am expecting a high conversion rate because it is a low cost, high demand product.

So the site again is on sea fishing lures and you can check it out via that shameless plug. Then go check the 30 day challenge. I'll post when I make a dollar or atleast keep you updated on the progress of the site.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

This is definitely worth doing.

I found this site a while back but didn't pay a lot of attention to it because I am totally fed up with the never ending BS of people trying to sell "How to make it big on the Internet" type crap. You know the stuff, you proabably are getting an inbox full of join our training program/membership site/blah blah blah and it'll only cost you $27/$97/$2,500 per month/per session. take our knowlege and make $37,456 in your first week, see how this plumber/deaf dumb unemployed surf bum/12 year old girl did it and you can do it too.

Some of these probably are good and maybe even worth the money but mostly they are just as big a scam as the Vanuity rubbish. Most of these people, even if they have made money online, really have no idea how they did it. It was mostly just dumb luck.

The 30 day challeng is very very different. For a start, it's all free. Even the programs that they suggets you use are free for at least the 30 days of the challenge. They also have produced a massive amount of training in both pdf and video format, there is an active forum and the moderators are also active on teh forum. They'll often get back to you within 12 hours of your question.

I must confess that I didn't pay much attention to this until about day 8 of the training when I came back to the site looking to see where they were up to and discovered what is possibly the best research tool available. It saves week and weeks of work.

If you join the 30 day challenge you will get a 40 day trial of this tool. What's it called? Market Samurai. An it'll help you find niches ripe for the plucking.

For example, anyone who has done any market research in the fishing market would realise that this is a huge market but also has massive competition. Without being able to to extensive research into the market you wouldn't find the micro-niche that I have found and set up a site to test.

Have a look at sea fishing lures, this is my newest site, currently has only one holding post but this will change over the next week. Yeah I know, don't show anyone your niche but you have to build links to the site at some stage. When you do you are showing your site to others. So what? The way I figure it there is plenty of traffic and markets on teh internet for everyone. If you only ever attempt to steal other peoples work then you will always be destined to be second best. Learn the methods and then implement them for your own benefit.

Go do the 30 day challenge, you just might learn something useful.

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Here's one of the good guys.

I remember reading in one of Chris 'Affiliate Project X' McNeeneys' ebooks or emails, I don't remember which, about an affiliate of his who was kicking ass in sales. That affiliates name is Andre Chaperon.

Today I found Andre Chaperon's website Affiliate Bully. Now before you all head over there I am going to give you a couple of links to something very special that Andre has done.

I'd like to tell you a bit about this first. Andre's page is about a number of tools which will help you create profitable adwords campaigns. Once they are profitable you can then leverage them into MSN and Yahoo campaigns and begin working on organic traffic etc.

The thing is, Andre really does have good information and brilliant tools but there is something very special which I am giving you links to, he has given two complete step by step ways to make money with free tools, Clickbank and Adwords. He shows how to pick good keywords, how to choose the product, how to set up the campaign, how to track your ROI and how to make your campaigns profitable. All for free, not even an email address as cost. And this is seriously good stuff. You could just visit his site, plug these two links into your favorites and visit regularly until you are making money.

OK, OK, the links are Affiliate Bully Reloaded and Clickbank Case Study and do your self a favor. Visit Andre, read the case study, follow the steps and finally make some money.

I have already set up one campaign using this information, I don't have the split testing set up yet but will manage that very soon, like today. I have tracking set up.

OK, I'm still using free tools for that. I use Google Analytics for lots of tracking, even on this blog and I am very pleased with the results. I am going to set up the split testing using Google website optimisation. I haven't used that yet so this is a good time to try it out. Seriously, check out this site and get stuck in this is one of those really good deals where you can make money with your internet marketing.

Those links again are Affiliate Bully Reloaded and Clickbank Case Study

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