Friday, November 17, 2017

Well hasn't that been interesting?

Maybe not if you haven't being paying attention, like me.

This post is really to test a theory of mine about using rss feeds on a website to generate traffic and keep the pages or posts fresh when you have too many sites to manage properly.

Why would I want to do this?  Well, over the years I've been playing around here I have managed to accumulate 55+ domain names most of which are hosted, have Wordpress installed and some content as I went about testing various things.

There are three things I have been really crap at and these are the keys to making any money online.

One of these is keeping the sites updated with relevant content, I'll tell you the others at the end of this post.

Anyway, I was reading an article recently about how the big sites such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and others have stopped allowing people to access their sites via RSS.

I don't know exactly why but it's possible that they didn't get any traffic from them but that's unlikely.

It's more likely, in my opinion, that other people were getting the traffic that they thought they should have.

Understand that these sites want your eyeballs on their pages direct so they can advertise directly to you.

They are not in the philanthropic mindset of helping lots of others make money despite the fact that they would not be as big as they are without all the little people helping them, they kind of forget that they got their traction by the efforts of other people promoting them.

I'm not going to tell you just yet what I'm doing but I will let you know if it does work out well or not.

Another thing I have been working on for quite a while is a way to programatically update a WordPress site without having to log into every site manually to do the updates.  You can get more info on this at but you can't get the program yet as it's still in development.  It is very close so sign up there for notification if you want.

OK, the other two things I haven't done which I should have been doing years ago.

Learn how to drive traffic and do it consistently.  Actually it's not that hard to drive traffic, it's much harder to be consistent.  The RSS feed thing should help with this.

Build a list of people who like what I talk about, there has to be 10 - 20 of you out there.
This is actually the biggest mistake I have made.  With a list of readers you can drive traffic to any site you want with a single email.

If your list is big enough and responsive enough you don't have to worry about SEO or search engine updates because you have your own traffic source.

If you think about that for just a second you'll know I'm right.  Where did you find out about the latest shiny object that you really just had to have?  Probably not by searching in Google, probably via your inbox.

OK, I have a couple of other projects on the go at the moment, a software tool for finding all the free stuff available on Amazon, there's Gb of pdfs, movies, software etc. on thousands of subjects.  Looking for content or PLR stuff, it's all there for the downloading.  Coming to a website near you soon.

There other one is a complementary tool to help you do these searches in Google.  I have one which works fine but it's only for Windows.  I'm re-writing it to work on all desktops, tablets and mobiles.  Again coming soon.

Time to get back to work.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hello again, This is the blog that time forgot.

Well actually it's me who forgot.

I've been running around doing busy work but not achieving very much in the Internet Marketing space.

My Kindle book keeps selling steadily in low volumes which is to be expected as it's a pretty small niche market.  You can find it here if you are interested in building an effective wire antenna bit of a mixed bag of reviews but the whole idea of writing the book was as a proof of concept and to make it easy for an unskilled person to build an antenna that works well.

Other than that though there are only very small drips of income from all my other fairly pathetic efforts.

However, I have decided that this year, 2017, I will make a focussed effort and make this work.  I have motivation, I now have two grandchildren and both mothers will need to go back to work full time which is not the best for the grandchildren.  Neither mother actually wants to go back to work but finances are too tight if they don't.

I also have a friend at work who really wants to make additional income and has been pestering me to show him how.  Oh, and I need to prove to my darling wife that it really is possible to make good money on the Internet and I haven't just been wasting my time. 😉

So, I have been writing an instruction manual for them so that they can supplement their income from online sources rather than going to an office.

I have gathered all the resources that I have accumulated over the years, blown the dust off them, crawled through everything and checked for still active sites (most are dead), discarded everything which I know Google has blocked off and a whole bunch of things which are just plain dodgy.

Then I also eliminated everything which costs money to set up or run and everything which requires constant work to maintain.

Having done all this I have a fairly compact plan of attack.  There is no need to:

  • agonise over picking a niche,
  • agonise over picking keywords,
  • write content, 
  • buy traffic, 
  • buy a domain name, 
  • buy web hosting, 
  • have any technical knowledge or skill,
  • build hundreds of links,
  • build an email list.
What I haven't done is write a program to do all this for them and I don't intend to.  This is as close to the ideal simplified system that I could create and I think it's gunna be great.

Now I need to test it, fine tune it if required and pass it on to them.  This may never end up as an ebook or an email course for sale because it's my belief that if you find something that works well you should milk it for all it's worth while it's still working.

Many of the systems I have bought on the past have had something missing and didn't work as advertised.  Even the Done For You packages I've bought have failed to deliver even when I followed the instructions to the letter.

When this system proves to work as I expect it will and if I find that even with the small group I teach this to it continues to work fine and if the potential market is way too big for us to manage then, and only then, I might share this with a few more people.

You might notice that there is no way for you to leave an email address for notification if that happens  so your only recourse is to keep an eye on this blog as this is probably where the announcement will be made.

You might like to leave a comment if you want to be notified.

Anyway, time to start the testing.  Wish me luck.

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