Friday, October 20, 2006

Google shut down some of my ads :(

Yup, they did. One of the reasons was fine and easily altered. I had $$'s in the headline and they specifically prevent multiple symbols so I changed it to $'s and they are happy.

The other one is much harder to fix as I really don't know why it happens like that. My URL points to this blog using just like that, no target="_blank" added or anything.

The problem for Google is that they don't like any landing page which doesn't allow the user to click the back link on the browser to go back to the original ad page and this site doesn't allow that. Why I don't know. In addition, all my current ads send traffic to this blog and only one ad group has the problem (apparently). Anyone got any clues as to why?

It isn't a problem for that particular ad group as they had only one click through anyway and I was about to change it all but, as I said, all the other ads use the same URL so there is potential for this problem to recur and I don't want that.

Anyway, back to the marketing. I have been running with the information from ProjectX and Adwords Miracle to identify good products and keywords to use.

I have a couple of new campaigns in the wind which will include my Travellers Portal site. Now, please understand that I am in the process of moving the whole site to another host (should be complete by the end of the weekend) and then I can point the domain name to it and the URL will look more professional.

Once that is all migrated fully and tested (so it works ;) ), I can begin running the campaign. The idea is to use adwords to drive traffic to some affiliate products via a review page which has links to and from the rest of the site. This should help get rankings in the search engines, build traffic and generate some income all at the same time.

I am also experimenting with some link cloaking and click tracking software. I can't tell you much about it yet because I found a problem with it. I have fixed some of the problems but some of it I cannot fix. I have asked the developer to make some changes, we'll see what happens.

Cheers for now.

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