Saturday, October 25, 2008

Omni Biz Marketing|Shanklin|Vanuity are scams!

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I am embarassed to admit that I have been scammed. Big time.

I was just going to lick my wounds and leave it be but they called again this week after I bought an eBook from Google Snatch.

I emailed Latif and got a relaitvely non-committal email back. I will be emailing him the link to this blog because I don't think he is aware of these scumbags activities.

The initial contact was several years ago and I succumbed to the high pressure tactics and paid $2,500 plus the monthly hosting for a very crippled OmniSiteBuilder.

THe difference between me and many of those other people who have been scammed is that I am reasonably experienced online and knew everything that my mentor tried to teach me, in fact I actually taught him a couple of things. Should have got some money back for that.

I built the website, with 6 or so pages, followed all the linking instructions except the pay for stuff and did everything the mentor said I should do.

There is no-where on their site to view your traffic stats, this is extremely important to growing your site. There is no-where on their site to redirect your domain - this is theft, you paid for it and you own it but you can't get it so either you abandon your site and stop paying for the hosting or they continue to leech off your credit card while not providing any information to you.

When I asked about traffic stats they suggested Google Analytics - tells you nothing if you have a low traffic site, tells you nothing about robot visits or any other information. That was when I cancelled. Should have done it much sooner. Should never have started.

This weeks call was in the morning as I was heading to work so I told them to call back Friday afternoon so I could take the call Saturday morning - I even got up early enough to be awake for the call.

Should have done more research.

In the initial call I was cautious as I thought the spin sounded familiar but they dropped Google Snatch into the conversation and I like Latif's work so I kept listening. Then Joe Sever told me the URL of the website. Alarm bells rang, lights flashed and I remained icy cool.

He also dropped the names Susy Wong (?), Mike Lasik (?) and Keith Wellman as being directors/owners. (Correct me if those names are wrong).

He also told me his bosses name was a Mr. Fagin, I nearly chocked on my coffee laughing without making a sound. I know it isn't spelt the same but the Mr. Fagan from Charles Dickens novel "Oliver Twist" is a thoroughly unpleasant crook. After having spoken with the Mr. Anthony Fagin at Omnibiz Solutions today I can assure you that there is a resemblance.

After letting him rable for a short period I told him that their system doesn't work. He told me that he himself was making "6 figures" from his own website (so why scam people?) but wouldn't reveal the URL so BS.

He then accused me of lying to him and Joe and wasting their time - please people, if they call, waste their time you are saving another person from having to listen to their crap and reducing their income so do it. Call it an investment in cleaning up the internet.

What a joke, them calling me a lier. Nothing they tell you is true. Check the list of client sites, look them up un for ranking, go to Yahoo and check back links and you'll find like I did that their promotion sites don't get much traffic, most haven't been worked on for years and they cannot be making much money.

Everything they attempted to teach me was old news, most of the links in the ebook they sent me don't work. The discussion got a little heated when I called Mr. Fagin out and told him I wasn't going ahead and that I had already been scammed by them. He claimed that I could have got my money back via the credit card company but I was attempting to salvage something by maintaining the website, mistake.

After he hung up, Joe rang me back to abuse me for lying to him as well, I can guarantee that I didn't lie, I did what they do insinuate an association with one thing while telling the truth about something else. They specifically accused me of lying about wanting to build a business on the internet, I do - but not with them.

Then I was told I would be blacklisted by them and would never be allowed to work with them. I stopped Joe at this and told him to make sure that the blacklist would make sure I would never be called by them again.

Since they got so nasty about being misled they probably have some idea about how I and 100s of others feel. I am also expecting, because they'll read this at some stage, that they'll attempt to retaliate with some king of spam campaign or similar.

They are the worst kind of American, the give the rest of the country a bad name in international eyes and people like these are the main reason Americans are not loved like they think they should be. Far too many American business people take advantage of others and believe that it is their right to do so.

Do they teach ethics in High School or College? Perhaps these are the people who cheat in the ethics exam.

My apologies to all the honest, hard working Americans who read this. You are also being preyed upon by these scum bags.

Regardless of the company name, if someone calls you and tells you that they can teach you how to make a living/fortune on the internet from scratch in months, they are scamming you.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

I hate it when they're right.

I had an email from Mark Widawer. I have been a customer and recipient of his emails for several years and he usually doesn't talk rubbish.

Anyway, this email and his blog post are about saying that smart people fail in their online marketing because they are too smart for their own good and what you have t be is stupid like the gurus. Just do the things that are requird to get one project up and running before starting a second project.

Not I hat this because I keep trying to not just set up a new project but don't quite follow the steps laid out in the 'blueprint' I paid good money for. When I don't get the results that I want I abandon that one and begin another.

Have a look at these projects I have on the boil ( actually, slow simmer is probably more like it).

Personal Wealth been online since 2000.
Personal Wealth Education Online not even completed.
The Travellers Portal done for my holiday but nothing done since.
Spam Killa wrote the software for my benefit and offered it cheap to you.
Clickbank Payday have been driving traffic via adwords, not good.
Good Oil honestly I don't remember why or how I picked this one up.
Puppy Training this is and adsense site but with an affiliate link as well.
DUI Lawyer another adsense site with affiliate links.
Wealth Management Tips one of the newer ones, and almost auto posting wordpress blog.
Relationship Rescue Master my latest project.

and there are others. Scary when you look at it all. I haven't included this blog or the one I haven't posted anything to since about 2006. I haven't included the ones I have actually shut down and there are a few of those as well.

So why embarrass myself like this? I suppose it is mainly because I know that I'm not the only one to collect domains and sites without making enough money from my efforts to even pay for it all.

Don't give up, but do get a lot more stupid in your efforts. Just focus on the things that work. There, I said it, now I have to do it as well.

What works? First up set up your site with split testing. It doesn't have to cost any more than the cost to set up a domain and a host which can be done for less than $200 per year but I would recommend that a newbie spend a bit more and get a lot more help seriously look at Ken Evoy's Site Sell I know that the cost of joining the Site Sell system appears high but the tools, forum, email help etc are what has kept me renewing for 5 years. I built my first site based on the information in the first edition of Make Your Site Sell. It isn't Ken's fault that I haven't yet done the required work.

My problem is that the proper way to build sites and traffic is slow, unfortunately for me I have had ample time online to do it that way and I didn't so I've been spinning my wheels for the last (cough) years and still not gained any significant traction. Yesterday that stopped and I began doing what I should have been doing all along.

The process is simple. Choose a niche with active buyers in volume, choose a domain name that has in it the keyword or key phrase you want to target, build each page targetting just one keyword/key phrase, build the intra site links properly, put around 400 words of unique content on each page, use split testing on page/title/paragraph/images etc. to determine what the best response rate is for that page (this depends on what you want the visitor to do, it might just be to read the next page as well) and then drive traffic to your site.

Notice there is nothing about becoming an html php or javascript expert. There is nothing about becoming a professional copywriter. It is actually stupidly simple and that's the secret that we have all been looking for. Just do the basics, keep doing the basics until you have the site as profitable as you can make it and then move on to the next project.

In the next post I will put some more details about how to choose your niche, the one after setting up your pages, then split testing and then driving traffic.

Good Luck

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