Monday, June 17, 2019

I have finally found a way to make money online for free.

Yep, it has taken  years to finally nail this one down and it's so simple it almost pisses me off.

Anyway, go here to see the sales page I'm using for this new method as I trial it out.

The product I'm selling here is 30 days of images you can post to begin building an Instagram account into the millions of followers.

There is a link on the product delivery page to get access to a tool to help you make more of these and I'll give you the URL to a website which makes it even easier for you if you ask for it.

Anyway, the real beauty of this isn't the offer, although that\'s pretty good, it's the way it's being presented.

As you can see the sales page is shared from Evernote, a free platform.  The delivery page is also on Evernote and the zip files are delivered from Dropbox, also a free service.

The sale processing is handled by which is also free to set up and use.

Oh, the product is a White Label product I have had on my disk drive for a while but it could be your product or a PLR product.

How do you promote something like this for free?

Drop into a bunch of FaceBook groups that are on the subject of your product and friend as many people as you can find who are engaged in the posts.

The share your Evernote page on your timeline, everyone who is friended will see it.

If you can you could also post on other people's timeline as long as they are happy with your promotion.

Simple?  Definitely.  Free?  Definitely.  Effective?  Should be, depends on the offer, the sales page and the people you target.

In a nutshell, this is the simplest system I have found in years so it was definitely worth testing.

No results yet but the system isn't at fault with that.  It could be the offer or the delivery but it's still worth testing and running with.

I'm also going to try sending traffic to the Evernote page from other sources to test the overall system but I see no reason that it won't work as well as any other system that you would have to pay big money for to get the domain name, hosting, page builder, delivery system etc.

Worth a try?  Definitely.

Want to try it out for yourself?

Leave a comment or visit, sign up to get the info or email me back from there.


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