Friday, September 19, 2008

They've done it again, perhaps

While checking my Adsense account recently I discovered that the value of the clicks had gradually climbed from the $0.003 that I was being "rewarded" with to $1.30. OK the traffic to the site was low and the clicks were correspondingly very low but the value of each click, as you can see, was high.

Good plan I think, lets send some of the traffic from the second tier sites to these pages and see how it converts. Now I wasn't expecting the high CTR I was getting from the organic traffic but I figured somewhere around 1-2% and calculated that that could be profitable.

So I set up two campaigns on two different sites and turned them on last night. Almost instant traffic, not high quality but the CTR was in the ball park (I just checked) but the value per click has dropped like a stone to $0.007. Because I know from past experience that Google don't report instantly it is distinctly possible that the click value could rise significantly in the next 24hours so I'm not killing this campaign just yet.

It is possible that the value I am seeing right now is for only a small percentage of the clicks or just a holding value while their software/people check my site out for quality score.

I think that it has value, I read their guide lines manual and know that they do the "take off the ads - is there anything of value left" test and there are only 2 ads per page, not 2 blocks, just 2 ads. The rest of the content is original, I wrote it and it isn't highly optimised so should be rated as natural.

You can check out the landing page I am using for this campaign here core secret to wealth.

One thing I have done is change the domain name. I decided it was time that this site had it's own domain name so I registered and will now be driving traffic to that. I probably should have done this years ago but I've been slack. The old URL was a subdomain of my main site even though this has been the main part of the site since about 2000. The old URl was so you can see why I changed it.

Bottom line is this (crap, that sounds like KRudd) because it is a new domain name for Google that may explain why the clck value is low, I might try another campaign to the old URL to test that. Maybe I need to set up a 301 redirection to the new domain name. I don't know yet. In any case, the traffic to the old URL was so low that a new domain probably won't lose too much except the age value.

Good Luck

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