Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Is Traffic Python the real deal?

G'Day Folks, I've been rushing around all over the internet in my usual un-focussed way spinning my wheels and making little progress.

I gotta stop that.

I still haven't made a sale via the 30 day challenge site but that might be due to the keywords I chose. I found an additional function in Marketing Samuarai which shows the MSN Commercial Intent thingy. While I'm not a huge fan of this tool as I pointed out on someones blog due to the sometimes quite flakey results it did show that the keywords I had targeted were very low in OCI.

As a result of this I have set up another test blog on a different keyword that shows a higher OCI. I didn't do it quite as thoroughly as the first one and I used a Blogger blog to host the site which limits some of the things I can do with it but it is at #34 and rising.

In the hunt for places to park a backlink I came across Traffic Python and joined as the promo is pretty good.

Having joined though I am wondering if the hype doesn't match the reality or if I just found it early. After checking with Alexa to see how long this has been around I can see that its only 6 months old so perhaps it need to age a bit. Anyway, the concept is good. I think it will only last for a couple of years at best, a bit like banners. When the general public have seen them a lot they'll stop clicking on them.

When was the last time you clicked a banner? However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't check it out and decide if it might help you get some traffic. You shouldn't ignore something because it might have a short lifetime, get in do it but don't make it your only source of traffic.

I found some rules for internet marketing that I think are worth sharing.

Post pages, get backlinks.

Google rewards persistence.

Test and Track.

If you have an under performing site and you can't make it go, sell it - and then monitor it so you can see what the buyer does with it, you might learn something.

Do you have any others to add?

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