Monday, March 31, 2008

Hey, Where are you?

I was just having a look at the Google Analytics for this blog and apparently I have had no visitors at all.

So this is an exercise in wasted time. If I thought that I was involved in internet marketing with this blog I am completely deluded. I am now writing for my own benefit.

This of course frees me up completely, with no readers I can write any crap I like and I will not be able to offend anyone. No traffic = no readers.

That doesn't seem like a lot of fun but there you have it. I guess another advantage is that I can write this at work knowing that my boss will never read it along with the rest of the entire internet community.

Dribble for dribble's sake. Despite Google's avowed dertermination to eliminate the websites with no valid content I seem to find more and more of them every day. Everytime I search for anything there are always site with nothing but links to other sites which still go nowhere with actual content. So how can they justify getting traffic?

I put up pages with content but Google wants you to have lots of links to your site to show that it is valid. Many of the internet marketing sites I look at have been in existance for a very short period of time and yet they have lots of links and lots of traffic, how?

Then I look at the pages which are on the top of the search lists and many of them have no links at all, no metatags of any description and minimal content. Who do you think is pulling who's chain here?

Anyway, since no-one will read this I can stop at any point and so I will stop here for now.

Good Luck

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