Sunday, May 04, 2008

Can you Make Money with Clickbank?

I actually have made some sales and made a little money with Clickbank. It is interesting that I have not manages to make enough money to quit my job yet but I am learning more all the time.

For instance, I bought the Clickbank Payday book from Mike Hill and learned a couple of interesting things about making money with Clickbank. I have implemented them in the website I have linked to above. The thing is that I am beginning to realise that to really understand how all this goes together I did need to buy a bunch of books.

Despite their claims to fame and claims of success most of the 'Gurus' actually make the bulk of their money directly from the list they built several years ago and the additions they get now by their cross promotions with each other. They do make money with Clickbank but not generally in the way they tell the rest of us.

This effectively keeps them well ahead of the rest of us. So what can we do to catch up? I have determined that what I have to do is generate lots of traffic.

I know, this is the cry from many, many people and they'll all tell you they know how to do that but it isn't as simple as they claim. Again, the 'Gurus' who tell you how to get 10,000 unique visitors per day probably don't get them from where we are being told they do.

One of the tips given in Clickbank Payday is to track your visitors and results. If you really want to make money with Clickbank you'll have to track not just the sales but the keywords which generated those sales. You need to know which of your promotional tools generated those sales and which parts of your sales or landing pages generated those sales from which keywords.

That is a massive amount of tracking but it is essential if you wish to optimise your traffic and results. What I have done on the new site is create a different cloaked link for each of the links to the sales page. I have two sets of keywords with two sets of ads sending traffic.

What I need to do now is work on generating traffic. I will put a link on my other sites using different cloaked links. I am planning some articles and I think I will buy some traffic. Even crappy conversions will make money and using crappy, cheap traffic will help optimise the landing pages so the better traffic will convert even better.


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