Monday, March 26, 2007

Now there's an interesting thing

I was just checking how many of the posts on this site have been listed by .

You know, type Links: in the search bar and you'll get the number of sites linking to you, this site got none. So I typed in the URL of the site to see how many pages were cached, none.

So that explains why no-one ever visits. But, this is a owned service, does this mean that they don't spider their own sites or does it mean that I have done something wrong here to be de-listed? I don't know the answer to that one so what I will attempt to do is to blast this site into other search engines rankings and see what happens.

Added same evening
That also explains why the google ads shown on this blog are crap or totally not related to the content. have not spidered this site.

Right then, I have decided to give some of the Web 2.0 traffic generation techniques a spin. I have done some pinging as normal but I need to have a go at the Web 2.0 stuff to see what can be generated. Be a real good test because there is no right now.

See you in the organic results...

Good Luck with your marketing.

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