Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year, a Resolution.

OK. I have spent a bit of time recently putting a package together to assist Newbies in their Internet Marketing and general Internet activities.

What I have done is join two organisations for their content. One provides a large number of Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon and Ebay affiliate links. You can customise your site by domain name and content so no two sites will be the exactly the same (which suits Google) but you don't need to have any specialised knowledge to make it all work. This is a paid site but it is pretty cheap, a bit less than normal web site hosting so it is good value and should generate at least the hosting fees with minimal promotional activity.

The other site is a free to join site with some very useful ebooks for the user to buy or sell.

This allows all Newbies to begin their Internet Marketing activities no matter what their existing skill or financial level.

I plan to put in a forum for the Newbies as well but that will come later if the rest of the site works well.

The link to the promotional/sale page is Marketing 101. I have called this a sales page because it still has to persuade people to join up but there is no cost to join so sales is a bit of a misnomer.

I have also set up tracking from the download links so I can log each download against the affiliate id. The point about doing full on tracking is that I can then determine if the new affiliates actually download the free ebooks.

I can't make the affiliates read the ebooks but if they have downloaded them then I can use sections from the ebooks here and in the emails I send. I can also deliver hints and tips relating to HTML, FTP, PHP, JavaScript, CGI, etc. etc.

I think that this is a way of tapping into the Newbie market. I am certain that I can assist them with learning the ropes and weaving their way through the Internet maze and helping them avoid the scams, con artists etc.

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