Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another New Project

While setting up my Wealth Management Tips site as an Authority Site (more on this later) I needed an autoresponder with some useful features. What I need it to do is send a series of emails to the subscriber as a double opt-in and allow me to also send the occasional braodcast email to all subscribers.

I have access to a couple of autoresponders which will send an initial email for confirmation - double opt-in - and then allow me to send broadcast emails to all subscribers. I can't use those to send an email course. I have an autoresponder program which will allow me to set up an email course but can't send a broadcast email to all subscribers and it isn't double opt-in.

I searched online and it is possible to combine both in a paid service but there are limits to the number of subscribers and/or emails before you start paying more per month. There was no free service or software that could do both that I found.

So, I'm writing one. I did think about out-sourcing it but decided that I could buy the service for the cost of getting one written. In any case, I want to be able to give this software away not sell it. There is one feature that I came up with which I probably will sell as an add-on module to the free package because not everyone will want it. And I won't be saying more about this yet because it'll be a bloody good tool for marketers and I don't want any competition until I have it available.

One other feature that I want to add which is also not available on anything else but will be copied rapidly is the ability for your subscribers to modify their subscriptions, not just un-subscribe. What I have in mind is the ability to stop, pause, re-start, re-start from part way through a mailing, change to other subscriptions, change the email address they are getting their emails to all from one simple page.

Once you add to that the ability to track delivery, clicks on the links in your emails and sales from sent emails then you'll have a marketing tool to behold. The addition of the extra, as yet un-announced function should make this and absolute must have tool.

There is one fly in the ointment, usually is isn't there, I have some concerns about the ISPs and/or web hosts allowing the sending of the emails. Some of them are quite @#$%^&*( (I don't have a good, polite word for this) about bulk emailing. Aparently it's all spam. Not true of course so I might have to do some research and find a couple of good ones to host the software. Something to be solved later.

For now, if you would like to be a beta tester, let me know. There's nothing available yet but will be soon, i.e. weeks not months.

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