Thursday, May 01, 2014

How to use a PDF to Generate Traffic to Your Website

One of the biggest issues most Internet Marketers face is generating traffic to their website.

Most of them will also tell you that they need to generate the right sort of traffic, and they do.  Mostly they want traffic which will interact with their site.

Surprisingly this isn't always buyers.  Adsense sites don't really need buyers, they want volumes of clickers so those who are researching a subject are the right ones because they will click on an interesting ad.  Buyers probably won't unless the ad specifically targets what they want to buy and that is a pretty poor trade for the webmaster.

Would you happily trade a $0.06 click for a $1.20 click or a $27 click?  What about the other way around?

But you all know about that so what I am going to show you is how you can create a pdf to use to bring traffic to your site.  Google can and does find links in pdfs and counts them towards your ranking.  People also find your pdfs and follow the links if you craft them properly.

Why would you want to create a pdf for links?  You can put the links you want in them with the anchor text you want, there is no real limit to the number of links you can put in but you will need to temper your enthusiasm with some sense.

The best way to put links in is to put them in the text, in the header and in the footer.  You can put a copyright notice in the footer of every page which contains a url link to your site.

The header link will also be on every page so you can link using something like your site description or the description of what this pdf is about and link the whole header.

The in content links are the best of all.  They are surrounded by relevant LSI content and have relevant anchor text.  These can also link to different pages on your website because the other links go to your home page and/or the tag or subsection of your site.

All of these links are do follow because you put them there.  They should also be set to open in a new page, just in case someone is reading your pdf in their browser.

Ready to make your first pdf for traffic?

What keywords do you want to target?  Lets use this post for our example.  The type of traffic I'm looking for are those who want more traffic, obviously, so I went to have a look at what keywords they might use.  This is not a tutorial about choosing keywords so I won't go into why I chose the title I did but suffice to say this is a longtail keyword which can and will rank for a whole lot of low competition and good traffic keywords.

The title for my pdf is "how do i get more free traffic my website?".  So that's settled.

Now to get the content.  You can use any relevant plr content you have but I would suggest that you clean it up because this is mainly for the readers, the Google rankings are an added bonus.  You can use any mmr content you have, grab articles from article directories or any other source you can think of.  You could use websites but you cannot use someone else's website without their permission.  If you do then Google will penalise you as they should.

Did you know that wikipedia doesn't just allow you to use their content, the actually encourage it and make it easy to do?

If you visit Wikipedia, search for the content you want and then click in the left column the link Print/Export then click on Create a Book.  Go to the pages you want, click on the add pages button and then click on show book.  Add your title, sub title, chapters etc then download in the format you want.  At this stage I use ODF not pdf because I want to edit this.  Leave in all the links they have included as proof that this is not just for SEO purposes ;-) but do emebed your links into the body text where it's appropriate.

Collect and collate your content, rewrite what you need to and put it into a single folder.  Open it all in Open Office, your preferred wordprocessing package or some WYSIWYG package.  Yep you can make a web page from all this.

Plug your links in where you want them and link to the relevant page, juggle the pages to make them read sequentially, Put your title in the header, link to your site url, Add your copyright to the footer and link to your site home page.

Happy with the result?  OK, save it and then print it - as a PDF.  Don't set any security settings, you want Google to be able to read it.

If you have a Mac this is built in, if you have a Windows based machine it may be built in or you may need to install something like CutePDF or search here for one you like.  In Linux there are multiple ways to do the same thing, look in your repository.

If some of your content is already in pdf format that's fine, open it and print it in pdf format, then print your other content in pdf format without saving the other file.  What this does is put all the documents into a single pdf file.  You can move the pages around, add pages, remove pages until you are happy with the end result.

Save your pdf.  Now we need to submit it to places where it can be found.

Here's a list:
PR 9

PR 8

PR 8

PR 8

PR 8

Watt Pad
PR 6

Memo Ware
PR 6

PR 5

There are others but these should keep you busy for a while.

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