Monday, October 16, 2006

Some Clicks and Some Not

Unfortunately I didn't get much time over the weekend to work on optimising the campaign.

When I did have a look at the results so far it is quite disappointing but probably typical of most of you. I had a few clicks (14) but no sales resulting. This of course is actually quite normal. An average conversion rate is just that, an average, so if it is 50% then you'll get possibly 50 sales per 100 visitors.

On average this means that 14 visitors should have generated 7 sales but they might have been all from the other group (those who don't buy) so the next 14 might all buy.

Hmmm... don't place the order for the new car just yet. The click through rate is pretty poor as well so the first place to go is to work on the CTR. To that end I have rewritten some of the ads and started a more focussed ad group with new ads.

Interesting bit of stats I saw today, on a sales page promoting Keyword Elite there is a image of his Google stats page for a number of keywords.

If you look at the bottom of the page you'll see that there are several keywords for which there are no clicks and no sales. And this is from someone who has one of the best products available to optimise your keyword results. Other keywords on the same stats page show CTR's of 10%.

The message here is that even with the best products to help sometimes the results are still crappy. I am hoping that I can improve my CTR so at least some of them hit whole percentage numbers (like 1% and above) that can only help speed up getting to the 50% who buy products.

Luck with yours...

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