Monday, December 18, 2006

How to Successfully Lose Money

Well, Christmas nearly here and still no income from the Google Advertising. I have paused all the ads for now because I just cannot get the time to spend online to fix the problems.

If you look at the image below you can clearly see that I have been generating good CTR's and a goodly number of impressions which results in a good number of hits to the landing page(s).

But, no b$%^y sales and therefore no profit.

At this stage I have spent approximately $350AUD on ads and made no profit. Why not? Clearly the landing pages (mostly the sales page now) are not converting. So is this because I am not targetting the correct visitors with my ads? Perhaps the Sales Page isn't converting or maybe the ClickBank system isn't recording my affiliate hit.

You can check if your affiliate link is being correctly recorded by ClickBank by clicking on your affiliate link and then checking on the resulting sales page. At the very bottom of the page should be your affiliate name.

Check the ClickBank FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for these and other details about your account. Incidentally, if you are not a Clickbank affiliate yet Click Here to Join .

I have been reading about Google Arbitrage and have been given an eBook which you can download for free by going here and Be Bribed for a Free eBook. I have just finished building this page and I am currently not advertising it. This is the only link online to get this one so if you are not reading this blog then you cannot get this from me.

I have some ideas about how to leverage this concept into a money funnel. I will share them with you as I put them into action but it is based on some statistics I read just recently which showed that around 60% of the visitors to any website are newbies.

The link above is the first steps of the new concept so join up to keep track of what is happening and join in. This will be a pretty good ride I think. If you join up you will be part of the ride and stand to benefit in the same way I expect to.

If there are any problems with the links, leave a comment and I'll fix it.

Seasons Greetings to the readers, good luck with your marketing and speak with you all later.

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