Friday, March 14, 2008

New Asset Management Tool released

One of the challenges of developing your personal finances is keeping on track. You want to get started but lack some confidence. You find some good information and need/want to keep track of it or make some notes but you keep losing all the data.

If you had the money to protect your assets properly you would probably pay for professional Asset Managment. But I don't and I suspect that you might not.

If you are in this situation and either a beginning or more experienced investor you do need to manage your asset base as it grows. The Personal Asset Management Tool has all the basic information you need to eliminate your debts, why you need to begin accumulating assets and how to get started. It adds more resources and tools to help you increase your personal wealth and assist you to better manage your assets.

Hey, there is this really cool function, well 2 actually.

You can add your own resources to this tool, web pages, pdf ebooks, audio or video. So you can build and personalise your own Personal Asset Management Tool.

The other really cool function is that you can add your own notes to each section. So if you like or dislike a section or if you find a better definition or whatever then you can make notes and you can print them out.

Wow, that's what I thought when I grasped the flexibility and power of these tow functions. Total customisation of the asset management tool to your knowledge and skill level. A tool which grows with you. A single point of contact to your assets and the management of those assets.

And then...the price. Would you believe free? I sure didn't. But it is a no cost tool. Where do you get your own copy od the Personal Asset Management Tool? Click this link and yes, there is one for the Macintosh as well.

Good Luck and successful asset management.

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